Zizion Group is a distribution company focusing on natural integrative therapies.

about3We are a distribution company that has been helping medical professionals add cash oriented solutions to their reimbursement model business.

We prefer to utilize non-drug oriented therapies whenever possible and focus on autologous, organic, natural integrative solutions. We see great promise in regenerative cell therapies, DNA based protocols and the future utilization of CRISPR and CAS9 technologies.

We are heavily invested in solutions such as Platelet Rich Plasma, we work closely with organizations such as the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine to ensure our partners have the training and certification they deserve. We have created a national network with several exceptional medical professionals that provide customized training and certification courses. Our management team has over 50 years of experience with a very deep knowledge of internet strategies and marketing campaign creation.

Our ultimate goal is to bring you more patients, helping you become more profitable.

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