Hair Growth Solutions

 Hair Growth Solution Provider

The Anagen FX program has been created by a renowned hair transplant surgeon/board certified dermatologist with the latest science, as well as a team of clinical experts with years of hair restoration experience. Our readiness and enthusiasm in partnering with Anagen FX stems from their propensity to offer combinations of options to patients, helping reduce frustration and restore confidence.

While many physicians are qualified to recommend and perform advanced hair loss treatments, patients that invest in the Anagen FX kit are empowered by the opportunity to effect change in their self-esteem by taking into their own hands the health of their hair and scalp, with a comprehensive four-step hair care system.

Their personalized comprehensive program helps to promote and continuously stimulate hair growth. As new information emerges regarding the science of hair loss, the team at Anagen FX works diligently to establish solutions for men and women suffering from thinning hair conditions.