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Our decision to partner Innovation Compounding is a tribute to their 10 years of relentlessness in their drive for personalized medicine and their compassion toward patients and doctors alike.

With over 6,000 prescribers and 65,000 patients nationwide, the commitment they sustain to individualized pharmaceutical care is unmatched. At Innovation Compounding, their specialty-trained compounding pharmacists work closely with physicians to treat complex conditions and disease states, through customized medications

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Women’s Care

Women have unique health issues that often times benefit from medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy. We’re dedicated to treating women’s health issues including: menopause, pelvic pain, female sexual dysfunction, and non-hormonal supplements, for relief at all stages of life.

Men’s Care

Compounded medications are frequently used to treat a wide range of men’s health conditions relating to low testosterone, low libido, low energy, and other conditions. We offer a variety of compounded preparations to help treat issues including: andropause, erectile dysfunction, and chronic prostatitis.

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Access allergist-quality testing and treatment programs that you can instill in your practice. Utilize natural therapies that allow the body to treat the condition with sublingual drops or traditional subcutaneous injections. We also offer an in office test to determine if a patient truly has a penicillin allergy.

Weight Loss Management

We know that many patients struggle with weight management and offer variety of weight loss solutions to help your patients achieve a healthier, better quality of life. Support your patient’s weight loss goals with: vitamin injectables, appetite suppressants, satiety capsules, and skin creams.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy provides patients with vitamins, minerals, and other naturally occurring nutritional substances in a variety of ways. Help patient’s achieve a healthier, better way of life with a wide variety of injectable and oral nutritional preparations that are best suited for every patient’s nutritional needs.

Pain Management

Many patients struggling with chronic pain or living with the side effects of pain medication has become a way of life. We provide compounded pharmaceutical answers to help manage your patient’s pain for: bone and joint conditions, muscle pain, neuropathies, and combination nociceptive neuropathies.

Skin Care & Dermatology

Healthy skin is the reflection of a healthy body. Just as every face has its own unique features, so are the custom medication therapies prepared by Innovation Compounding. We provide a variety of dermatology products to suit your patient’s skin care needs.

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Interested in compounding products for your patients?

Scan and fax completed form to (866) 635-2329
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