Zizion has teamed up with Networld Online (NWOL), an internet marketing company, that looks at your business as a whole, finds the best marketing strategy and brings it to the web. They’ll get you started on what to say.

NWOL can research your area of expertise, determine who your patient base is and find that special something that will spark your target audience.

They offer the following medical practice content development services for all your on and offline marketing needs:

  • Newsletters—Delivered as a direct mailer or email, a dynamic letter can attract new patients.
  • Press Releases—Media coverage attracts business. Television and radio stations, newspapers, websites and magazines are searching for interesting article topics… why not contribute an article and become a published expert in your field?
  • Website Content— Keyword-rich headlines and site content will help your website secure top search engine positions. Results driven, benefits oriented, personalized web site content will compel visitors to contact you.
  • Brochures—Brochures can provide information to take home and share with prospective patients.
  • Print Ads—Advertising special events, discounts, or promotions draws attention to your targeted marketing campaigns.

Content development and content marketing are one of the best ways to achieve your online objectives. Content development strategies are important for a successful medical practice.