Zizion has teamed up with Networld Online (NWOL), an internet marketing company that looks at your business as a whole, finds the best marketing strategy and brings it to the web. Part of an overall successful brand recognition program is how you promote your practice using a consistent image, colors, and message. Consistency is key throughout your corporate identity, your web site, logo, print ads, brochures, and newsletters. By providing professional graphic design and print service, Networld will help shorten your sales cycle through recognizable and consistent branding campaigns that create an unforgettable message.

Unforgettable Name and Brand Recognition For Your Medical Practice Marketing Program

Networld’s team can produce all of the design and marketing collateral you need to keep your business in the forefront of your patient’s medical provider choices. Rely on our team of expert designers for the following projects and more:


  • Advertising
  • Logo Creation
  • Tagline Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers


We have the medical practice marketing solutions you need for any successful launch. Our goal is too keep your medical practice on the mind of potential customers until they enter your door.

Your customers need to think of your brand first. Some ways to quickly build your brand:

  1. Great Customer Service Experience.  When someone calls our inquires about your expertise, respond quickly and professionally.
  2. Share stories. Let people know what it is like to be the doctor and the patient.
  3. Stay in front of your clientele. Out of sight out of mind. Use print and electronic media to remain visible.
  4. Send medical tips or notifications of new procedures by utilizing e-mail.
  5. Keep your blog fresh and informative.
  6. Be consistent with your branding. Use the same photos and logos consistently.