Vaan and his elder brother Reks were taken in by his childhood friend Penelo and her family. Vaan is a 17-year-old youth standing at around 5'7". I'll be a sky pirate, free to go where I will. With the stirring Vaan is approached by the Resistance who take him and the rest of the party to Ondore. He is one of the most agile characters, losing only to Adelle in terms of speed and agility. The two decide to keep the sighting secret. Gender Feolthanos took a viera wife and started a family, their descendants eventually being called "Feol Viera". FINAL FANTASY XII:THE ZODIAC AGE lấy bối cảnh trong thế giới Ivalice nơi mà hai vương quốc Archadia và Rozarria đánh nhau không dứt. Reks's witness testimony led to Basch's conviction for high treason and he was announced executed, while Vaan looked after the increasingly unresponsive Reks in a hospital in his final moments. He attacks like a traditional Warrior although his skills comprise mostly of abilities that steal attributes from enemies to enhance his own. Reks was sent to the fortress, his squadron being led by Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg of the Order of the Knights. Puis, arriva la guerre entre Archadia et Rozzaria, apportant avec elle son lot de tragédies et de drames. After tying up Ba'Gamnan, Penelo and Tomaj, the owner of the Sandsea tavern and Vaan's friend, come onboard. Vaan is thrown into a cell until the seeq, Daguza, is ready to face him in arena. The party escapes when Ghis attempts to evaluate the Dawn Shard's power by placing it in the ship's engine and it overloads, exploding in Mist. Edner reprised his role for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. The four board Balthier's airship, the Strahl, with Vaan excited he gets to fly. He is voiced by Kouhei Takeda in the Japanese release. At the Resistance base in Lowtown, Vaan finds Vossler disrespecting the people who were at the Nalbina Fortress during the treaty signing, including Reks. Vaan abandons Ashe to claim the nethicite herself, disagreeing with her attitude. With Vayne and Venat gone, the Bahamut begins to fall on Rabanastre, and Balthier and Fran remain behind to reactivate its power, with Balthier entrusting the Strahl to Vaan, who pilots the others to safety. Basch wants the Resistance's help in saving "Amalia" from Dreadnought Leviathan, and Vossler gives him the sword to deliver to Marquis Halim Ondore IV to get his aid. When King Raminas agreed to a peace treaty and left for Nalbina Fortress to sign it, word arrived that the treaty signing was but a conspiracy to murder him. First encountered at the Moorabella Aerodrome, Vaan runs into Luso Clemens, discovering an airship hijacker. She holds up the Treaty-Blade and calls forth a Mist from the Sun-Cryst, and Rasler's spirit appears, whom everyone can now see. Balthier tosses the coin and Vaan fails at guessing its location, with Fran returning and revealing she has the coin and Balthier's hands are empty. Après la mort de ses parents lorsqu'il était agé de douze ans, Vaan fut élevé par la famille de Penelo, avec qui il se lia vite une grande amitié. Vaan (ヴァン, Van) is a fictional character in the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix. Street thief Vaan becomes embroiled in a quest to save the occupied kingdom in which he resides, Dalmasca, from a war that seems imminent. Balthier and Fran join Vaan's party and they meet with Queen Ashe and Basch on the new Dreadnought Leviathan, now Dalmasca's flagship. According to the Signature Series Guide under the "Character Relationships" section, Vaan "wants to be" like Reddas. Vaan's sprite is unlocked in the Sky Pirate's Den in Final Fantasy XII after successfully stealing 50 times, earning the player the title of Master Thief. He has tanned skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Vaan adopts a leadership role, being the eldest among the group of orphans he spends his time in, and is seen as a fraternal figure to the younger children, particularly Kytes and Filo. Ramza is not the central figure of FFT, just like Vaan isn't the central figure of FF12. In the manga, Vaan later states that Reks was tortured to death by the Empire to force a confession for co-conspiring the King's death. The ruckus attracts the guards and Fran tells everyone to hang onto the cage while she drops it to the pit below the dungeons. ), which plays when Vaan speaks of his dream to become a sky pirate. Bobby Edner. In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Vaan's theme is a remix of the Mosphoran Highwaste theme. 100. The Galbana departs to places unknown as its former commanders return to Ivalice aboard the Strahl. With the Sword of Kings in hand, the party heads to the Draklor Laboratory to seek out the Midlight Shard and the Dusk Shard now in possession of Doctor Cid, the empire's premier nethicite researcher, who flees the confrontation. is the last boss in the game's main quest. Icon Character Name Role Weapon Type Vaan Attacker Penelo Support Balthier Debuffer Ashe Attacker/Support Vaan is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Vaan, Balthier and Fran find an emaciated Basch fon Ronsenburg imprisoned and following Gabranth's leave, Basch pleads the party to set him free. A young sky pirate whose journey throughout Ivalice have taught him so much. Cid lures Ashe to Giruvegan where she meets the Occuria, immortal beings who deem themselves the gods of Ivalice and manipulate history's course by granting deifacted nethicite to their chosen Dynast-King, such as Ashe's ancestor Raithwall. Biographical information In Dissidia 012, Vaan, along with Gilgamesh and Firion, are the only characters not to have their original Japanese voice actors reprise their roles. Type Vaan appeared in Puzzle & Dragons in a Final Fantasy collaboration event on March 21, 2016.[2]. Not knowing its true power but guessing it to be valuable, Vaan makes a run for it when the Resistance attacks the palace and the Imperial airship Ifrit repels the insurgence. Vahn gets a great combo attack speed animation for one-handed swords making him the ideal katana user. The most notorious one is the (オイヨイヨ, oiyoiyo? But I wished earth/water/aero/holy got more love. The Resistance and Archadian fleets meet in the battle above Rabanastre and Ondore, leading the Resistance fleet, attempts to stop the Strahl's passage, but Vaan imitates Larsa's voice across the intercom to trick the Marquis into letting them go. Portraits The ruins collapse and Vaan's new airship is destroyed, but back in Rabanastre Penelo is relieved the ship was wrecked hoping Vaan would settle down. Vaan was obviously the main character and he's ggod to me, but i haven't beat the game yet, it's freakin hard ShadowGuard. The Occuria want Ashe to wield nethicite to destroy the Empire and the rogue Occuria, Venat, who has told Cid the secrets to creating man-made nethicite. Register. Vaan est un personnage jouable dans le jeu Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, disponible dès le début du jeu. [an airship flies over them. Romaji The trip to Jahara seems unfruitful as the garif do not know how to use the stone either, and say it has lost its power as its Mist has been consumed. Vaan has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series: Vaan has made key guest appearances in the following non-Final Fantasy games: An avatar dressed as Vaan from the Square Enix Members Virtual World. Accompanied by the mysterious sky pirate Reddas, the group climbs the Pharos to locate the Sun-Cryst, with Balthier entrusting his airship to Vaan should something happen to him. Humain Balthier tries to teach Vaan why he lost by challenging him to a game of coin toss, where Vaan must guess which of Balthier's hands he holds it. Vaan has looked after the Strahl, until one day he and Penelo enter the hangar to find it gone, in its place a message from Balthier: he is searching for the Cache of Glabados, and wishes Vaan to meet him in Bervenia to join in on the spoils using a new airship he's given. Recovering the now lusterless Dawn Shard, the party returns to Rabanastre where Vaan points out that while Ashe may wish to wreak revenge on Archadia using the Dawn Shard, she doesn't know how to use it. Click on a character's name to see more information about them! During development of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, battle director Takeo Kujiraoka consulted Hiroyuki Ito, the designer of the License Board in Final Fantasy XII and director of the International Zodiac Job System version, for his thoughts on Vaan's fighting style. In May 2018, Square Enix released a silver Vaan pendant with a yellow gem as part of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary campaign. Upon reaching the Waterway's exit, they battle a Firemane. Directed by Hiroshi Minagawa, Hiroyuki Itô. Characters in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Characters in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Puzzle & Dragons X Final Fantasy’s Second Collaboration Adds Lightining, Cloud, And More, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Developers Talk About Their Return To Familiar Grounds, Il n’en faut guère plus pour que certains évoquent une hypothétique relation frère-soeur. ), which is misheard from the line (飛び降りろ, tobioriro?, lit. The arrival of a derelict outside of Rabanastre prompts Vaan to sneak onboard with his friends Kytes and Filo. Recognizing Basch as the King-Slayer, Vaan jumps on the cage and shouts at him. The Judge herself appears, changes "Velis", really only a piece of his anima, into a terrible Yarhi, and orders him to attack Vaan's party, but the party defeats him. Gabranth authorizes the bounty hunter Ba'Gamnan to search the prisoners for Balthier, and Fran reveals she has found an exit. Vaan wields the Treaty-Blade as Ashe wields the Sword of Kings and the two attempt to destroy the Sun-Cryst, but cannot get close enough with the erupting Mist. Vaan was used in the production of Final Fantasy XIII to stand in for unfinished characters. After being separated throughout the misty island, the five reunite after Penelo expresses her wish for Vaan to return. Vaan and Penelo meet up with Balthier and Fran in the Glabados Ruins where they find two shards of auracite, one of which Balthier entrusts to Vaan as an introduction to sky pirating. When commenting on Vaan, Kawazu said Vaan in particular is a little bit younger than the series is used to, and there are many people on the development team who aren't necessarily feeling he is the right character to be the main, because it clashes with the other characters and game environments, but also commented it's traditional for Japanese RPGs to start out with a young, inexperienced character, who grows throughout the story, and that having the lead be a younger immature character is somewhat expected. Vaan and Ashe attempt to destroy the Sun-Cryst. Malgré sa condition il tient à rester optimiste et rêve de devenir un jour un pirate du ciel, les airs étant pour lui le seul endroit encore libre dans le monde. Vaan aids Luso in attacking the hijackers, though Luso is disgruntled, assuming Vaan wants to take credit for his efforts. Reddas urges Ashe to set aside her desire for revenge while Gabranth continues to taunt her. report. Vaan runs to her aid, and following the ensuing battle, Amalia joins the party briefly, though she scorns at Vaan's thievery from the palace. Thousands of years ago, a man called Feolthanos was the chief of the aegyl when they still lived in Ivalice. He lives as an orphan in Rabanastre, with Migelo as a sort of foster father for him and his friends, giving him odd jobs to do. Luso accepts a quest posted against Vaan, itching at the chance to face his "rival". They find Balthier in the Sandsea tavern with a worried Migelo demanding he look for Penelo, who was kidnapped by Ba'Gamnan after he saw Balthier speaking to her before being taken to the Nalbina Dungeons. Vaan adopts a leadership role, being the eldest among the group of orphans he spends his time in, and is seen as a fraternal figure to the younger children, particularly Kytes and Filo. A final boss (ラスボス, Rasubosu?) Velis turns himself into the godblade Anastasia and the party returns to the real world, upon the Galbana. When his attempt to steal from the Royal Palace of Rabanastre goes awry, he becomes entangled in a conflict that could decide the fate of Dalmasca. Rôle Luso and Clan Gully later discover that Vaan and Penelo have been framed for a failed assassination attempt against Jylland's Baron Beltorey. Go Reset. The perpetrators were no more than impostors and the real Vaan and Penelo arrive in time to apprehend the impersonators, leaving Luso somewhat disappointed. He finds the seeq who stole it, but is ambushed by two more. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (2011 Video Game) Vaan. Balthier explains he destroyed the Auralith to protect the aegyl anima within, as Feolthanos had sapped his people from his anima for centuries to become a god-like being. They find a wounded man called Velis, who befriends Penelo and Vaan finds himself becoming jealous of their bond. After the battle Penelo arrives, explaining that Vaan was supposed to meet her at a different airship dock. The group battles Gabranth before Cid arrives and the rogue Occuria Venat reintegrates the three original shards of deifacted nethicite into the Sun-Cryst that begins spilling Mist over Ivalice. Van Gabranth arrives and announces himself as the true murderer of Reks and King Raminas, and goads Ashe to strike him down with the Sun-Cryst's power. Bobby Edner Believing his brother to have been murdered by not only Captain Basch, but also at the fault of the Archadian Empire, Vaan vows vengeance. The group escapes into the Dalmasca Estersand, and Basch tells Vaan he will accept atonement at his hands after he is finished what he needs to do, and Balthier returns Vaan's chestpiece. Vaan est une jeune orphelin de 17 ans, vivant avec sa meilleure amie dans la Basse-ville de Rabanastre. The vehicle's power is drained by the Goddess's Magicite and crashes in the Garamsythe Waterway, the city's sewer system that was exposed during an attack from Ifrit.