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Dedicated Healthcare Law Firm

Our partners at the Florida Healthcare Law Firm are focused solely on the needs of healthcare specialists and providers throughout the United States.

They have demonstrated unparalleled legal presence. With 150 years of combined experience advising healthcare professionals and businesses, The Florida Healthcare Law Firm prides themselves on transparency, integrity and accountability. They are dedicated to transforming legal representation for:

  • Physicians

  • Medical Practices

  • Medical Staffs

  • Pharmacies

  • Dental Practices

  • Laboratories

  • Surgery and Imaging Centers

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

  • And more…

At Zizion, we share the same commitment as the Florida Healthcare Law Firm: being an active part of your team and success. Their values of warmth, transparency, accountability, creativity, respect, humility, passion and fun are the guideposts that lead them to exceeding expectations for their clients and partners alike.